Urban Bikes

Globe Roll 1 by Specialized

The Roll 1 will live up to the most competitive urban assaults and still keep an unmistakably clean, cool, and collected attitude with its minimalist, retro Cr-Mo frame. All components are grade A with sealed bearing, rear hub is freewheel or fixed, Deep V 30mm machined sidewall rims, in other words - the goods. Available in matte spruce/ivory or black fade.

Available in store only

SE Bikes Draft

SE Racing is at it again making bikes that the compition only wish they could build. The Draft has a rear wheel that is set up for fixxed gear riding or with a traditional freewheel.

Available in store only

Specialized Langster aluminum

With gas prices going up, more people are commuting to work and running erands on their bikes. This not only saves money, it also makes you look and feel better. The Langster  bikes are light weight, responsive bikes that will get you to work or to Marys Market with comfort and style.

Available in store only

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